Sarah Jessica Parker surprises as an editor with books on immigration and prejudice

Fashion, movies, shoes, light comedies and magazines. The universe of the actress and producer Sarah Jessica Parker seemed linked forever to her alter ego of the hit series Sex & The City, Carrie Bradshaw, until she landed in a different activity: book publishing. And although few expected much of their union with the publishing giant Penguin Random House, the truth is that surprising. In the next few days, the second novel of the SJP For Hogarth label will be released in the United States and promises not to disappoint: again a young and unpublished author, of immigrant origin, who sets her sights on the dramas of the present. Apparently, SJP seems to have talent to discover.

A family from Trinidad and Tobago that has twin children. The boys could not be more different: one is brilliant while the other has some kind of intellectual problem. So the father decides that he will be the first to generate an opportunity for them. In the crack of that huge difference develops Golden child, the novel by Claire Adam Parker discovered and launched in a week under his imprint.

“This debut is a beautiful, deeply moving and unforgettable story about family, love and survival, and I am very proud to present our second #SJPforHogarth book and I am very excited to announce its publication date on January 29,” he wrote. the actress on her Instagram account and invited her more than five million followers to book the book (for the Anglo-Saxon world) and take advantage of the special launch gift, because if anything this 53-year-old woman born in Ohio knows, it’s seducing.

The author of this novel was born herself in Trinidad and Tobago and knows what she is talking about when she locates her characters in a rural area of ​​that country where violence and deprivation are the currency of every day. The writer emigrated to the United States where she studied and now lives in London with her husband and two children. Golden Child is her first novel and the repercussion for the publication does not stop surprising her.

A few days ago, the British The Reading Agency and a Library Association recommended her book and she responded excitedly: “I think book clubs are a wonderful way to bring people together: they create an opportunity to take a break from politics and Brexit divisions, plus all the other bad news, and invite you to converse with other real and living human beings about a story you’ve read. I think that Golden Child offers a lot so that reading clubs can learn: we can talk about family, fatherhood, masculinity, rivalry between siblings, adolescence, sacrifice, difficult decisions, moral dilemmas … “.

A place for us, by the writer Fatima Farhen Mirza, an unknown author of only 27 years, transformed the actress into an editor with the story of a Muslim family of Indian origin who emigrates to the United States and, in the heart of globalization , struggle to maintain its culture and belief. Whatever Sarah Jessica Parker saw in her to inaugurate her publishing label was applauded by readers and media such as the Washington Post, Time Magazine, New York Times or Sunday Times.

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