Johnny Carson



“A nearby see how the big time control ruins . . . The dishiest read of the year.” – Janet Maslin, “Ten Favorite Books of the Year,” New York Times

“Here’s Johnny!” Probably everybody in America knows the expression, regardless of whether they observed each scene of The Tonight Show or none since they needed to hit the hay at an early stage weeknights. From 1962 to 1992, Johnny Carson and his Tonight Show commanded the American cognizance.

Henry Bushkin was Carson’s closest companion and legal counselor amid that period, and his book is a tightly rendered and amazingly nuanced picture of Carson, uncovering how he really was, however why. Bushkin clarifies why Carson, a ravenous (and extremely gifted) womanizer, felt he generally must be hitched; why he couldn’t visit his child in the medical clinic and wouldn’t go to his mom’s memorial service; and substantially more. Johnny Carson is by turns stunning, impactful, and uproarious — composed with a writer’s eye for detail, a screenwriter’s ear for exchange, and a talent for comic planning that Carson himself would savor.

“A captivating book about an intricate man.” — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Like The Tonight Show, the book has numerous a happy minute . . . [Johnny Carson] was additionally stand-out, and is missed. This book brings a touch of him back.” — St. Louis Post-Dispatch